Australian distributors of Vibram

Australia's leading shoe components supplier

Shoemate has been manufacturing components for the footwear industry of Australia & New Zealand for more than 70 years.

The leading manufacturer of Top Pieces and moulded PVC soles, servicing shoemakers, shoe repairers and orthopaedic footwear specialists. Shoemate delivers the BEST ongoing SERVICE, PRICE, QUALITY & RANGE. We invite you to visit our showroom or contact the team.

REPAIR, REPLACE, PROTECT Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, targeted to the outdoor, work, recreation, fashion, repair and orthopedic markets. Replacing soles will improve performance and will provide protection especially for leather footwear or expensive footwear. GIVE YOUR SHOES A SECOND CHANCE!

For more than 70 years, the famous yellow octagon that identifies brand has been synonymous with quality, performance, safety, innovation and design.

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